Medication Organizer Packaging

Organizer Packaging

A dispill is a weekly card that contains 28 separate clear bubbles called blisters. Your pharmacist will fill the blisters with the right medications to be taken at the prescribed times. All you need to do is push out the medications through the seal. Once your dispill is empty, your pharmacist will provide you with a new one.

Using dispills has been shown to greatly reduce medication errors by eliminating the confusion that surrounds questions such as when, how many, and at what time to take your medications. Each blister bubble corresponds to a specific time frame during the day. If you have problems remembering to take your medication or can’t remember if you did, you will immediately be able to tell just by looking at the dispill. It helps you or your caregiver monitor your medications. Gone are the days of trying to sort out which medication to take and when.

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